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Building your business resilience

Smart working during coronavirus epidemic

Business Survival Guide:

There’s no doubt that small businesses will be the hardest hit from the current COVID-19 pandemic. So we’ve created a Business Survival Guide to support you and your small business through the next few months of uncertainty. Our COVID-19 advice will help you to survive in a crisis by being prepared for it. 

On these pages full of COVID-19 advice, we provide you with tools, information and insights to help you weather the storm, and to come out successfully on the other side. 



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Critical Steps for Your Business – Act now

There are some things that you should be doing right now that are critical to the sustainability of your business. Follow our COVID-19 advice here by using these steps below:

Next Step: Planning for clarity and focus

Having completed the critical steps that can help your business in the short-term, it is now essential to go back and review your strategic framework. Learn more 

Managing your company culture during lockdown

Your team are key to your business survival – find out how to make it work

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What type of manager are you?

The current COVID-19 pandemic could be said to be bringing out the very best and the very worst in people as we experience the full gamut of emotions – fear, vulnerability, grief, frustration to name but a few! For leaders of a small business, recognising these emotions can be the thing which makes or breaks…

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