GrowSmart accelerates SME growth

Here are examples of how GrowSmart helps SMEs to scale-up:

SMEs lack leadership capacity/ capability

GrowSmart helps users address these challenges by

  • Providing targeted managerial and leadership training articles and best practice examples for SME owners
  • Providing access to professional coaches or mentors who understand their business and will challenge them
  • The Peer-to-peer community forum allows users to share their experience, as well as gain advice and ideas.
learning support
SMEs struggle to access the right combinations of finance

GrowSmart educates on the pros and cons of all finance types, and 

  • Ensures SMEs are aware of all the funding options available to them 
  • Educates them in the pro’s and cons of each
  • Supports SMEs to become investment-ready through de-risking business propositions 
  • Prepares SMEs to pitch for equity 

finance support
SMEs say competition and lack of effective sales and marketing is a barrier to growth

The Marketing Learning Module takes users, step by step, through:

  • How to differentiate
  • How to create strong value propositions
  • What marketing strategies and tactics are appropriate for different businesses and how to execute them. 
marketing module
SMEs struggle to access supply chains

GrowSmart resources simplify the procurement processes, and help SMEs to 

  • Increase engagement with Public Sector and Corporates through effective tender responses, proposals or PQQs
  • Find out how to gain access to procurement contracts.
procurement process
SMEs uptake of digital technologies is slow

GrowSmart teaches SMEs the benefits of adopting different technologies, such as 

  • The Cloud
  • HR systems
  • Finance systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Utilising analytics tools.
digital technologies
SMEs can’t afford to pay for expert advice 

GrowSmart helps users to address those address challenges

  • GrowSmart modules and resources are written by professional entrepreneurs who have all successfully run and grown their own businesses
  • Our panel of Experts are authorities in their professional fields, who will answer questions posted on the Ask the Expert section of GrowSmart. 
expert advice
Businesses prefer to talk to other businesses

GrowSmart creates a community of SMEs, facilitating knowledge flows and promotes partnerships in their P2P community, where users can share challenges they are facing with others.

community support