Get the most out of GrowSmart

We provide professional guidance and practical advice on key business growth areas. We help you create a growth plan and provide resources from our business growth experts.

We know different people learn in different ways – so there are two great ways to use GrowSmart, packed with business growth tips for how to grow your company successfully.

Create business plan

1. Create a business growth plan

Your business growth plan and strategy are the keys to how to make your business grow.  We take you through the different steps to help you create a Business Growth Plan. You also have the opportunity to build a separate Marketing Plan and we include detailed help on funding and financial sustainability.

Create your Business Growth Plan

Build a Business Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan

Build a Marketing Plan

Create a Finance Plan

Build a Finance Plan

2. Utilise our Resource Library

Just browse in our resource sections – divided into management, marketing, finance, HR and procurement. Our resources have articles between 1,500–5,000 words to give you in-depth knowledge, written by professional business advisors.