GrowSmart: Our Interactive Learning Platform

The GrowSmart platform combines a series of interactive learning modules, with a comprehensive and continuously growing resource library. It’s full of quality, in-depth articles and guides, all focused on helping SMEs acquire the knowledge and skills needed to grow their businesses.

Businesses complete the learning modules, which are equivalent to a 10-day learning programme. This results in the automatic generation of growth, marketing and financial plans. Users can come and go from the platform when it suits them, 24/7. 

Business Diagnostic tool: This helps users understand and prioritise the learning areas they need to address first. 

Business Planning tools: The platform asks a series of questions, and users work through various modules on the critical elements of growth.

Resource Library is full of high-quality articles, manuals and step-by-step guides, written by successful business experts.

GrowSmart Community: SMEs constantly report that Peer-to-Peer (P2P) contact is a key source of support, and GrowSmart is designed to encourage that.

Access to Expert panel: Users can access our experts to answer questions, and all previous Q&A on the platform through ever-growing knowledgebase.

Powered by AI, the platform can answer questions and provide detailed and customised advice on key growth topics. These include finance, marketing, HR, procurement and strategy. The breadth and quality of resources included in GrowSmart helps SMEs generate growth in terms of increased sales. It can also help learn how to improve their profitability and overall business performance.