Create a Business Growth Plan

So you’re ambitious to grow your business – that’s great!

Creating a road map for the future?

road map for the future

But you’re probably here because you’re a bit stuck on how to get there…

You definitely won’t be alone in your growth challenges. 

Our Business Growth Planner explores questions around your growth ambitions and helps you to identify those areas where you will need to invest time, energy and thought in order to get your business primed for success.

How does it work?

Product a Business Plan
Steps to create a business plan

By working through a series of steps, you will learn the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to unlock your growth potential.

There are a wide range of exercises that we have designed to help you. As you complete each exercise, it will be marked as completed to help you track your progress within your Profile pages.

It’s easy to create a business growth plan with GrowSmart

The business growth plan tool will take you through a series of questions and exercises. As you complete each exercise, the corresponding part of the plan will be automatically filled in. Once you have completed the plan, you will then have the opportunity to review it.

The areas that the business growth plan covers are as follows:

Vision, mission and goals
  • Why have a business plan
  • The options for growth
  • Aligning personal and business goals
  • Vision and mission
  • Vision checklist
  • Mission checklist
Internal resources
  • Financial resources
  • Key people
  • Value proposition
  • How to quantify value
  • Products & services
  • Physical infrastructure
External realities
  • Introduction to external realities
  • Researching your market
  • Introduction to SWOT
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis
Plan appraisal
  • You now have the opportunity to review your business growth plan and make any adjustments.