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Access all the how-to resources you need to help grow your business in just a few clicks. Choose from our library full of in-depth articles, guides and step-by-step advice.

By completing our Diagnostic Quiz, we will create a personalised Reading List for you, which will direct you to the Resources that will best help you gain knowledge in the areas you identified you need help with. 

GrowSmart has the right resources to grow your business 

The GrowSmart Library is divided into different sections that focus on different business topics.


  • Strategic planning
  • Capacity planning

Marketing and sales

  • Digital marketing
  • Sales skills
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing communications
finance resources


  • Obtaining finance
  • Managing your finances
HR resources


  • Employment law
  • HR policy
  • HR in practice


  • Tenders
  • Supply chain
business resources

Each membership level of GrowSmart will have a pack of credits that you can use immediately to exchange for premium content, and if you like what you see, earn extra credits to get exclusive access to more business resources from our extensive library that are guaranteed to help grow your business.

We’ll reward you with additional credits, for example, when you’ve completed your business profile or by participating in Ask the Community section – or you can simply buy additional credits at any time.

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