Lisa Cable Radfield Care Home

Lisa Cable: Radfield Home Care

GrowSmart – helping develop and implement business growth strategies

Lisa Cable is joint owner of Radfield Home Care, serving the Hornchurch area in Essex. Her company looks after mainly elderly people in their own homes, providing them with both companionship and assistance. Her team of carers may be the only people their clients see during the week. Lisa decided to leave her career in the City of London, and took inspiration from her own Nan, to do something to show kindness to others.

Office team at Radfield Care Home

Lisa is now a franchisee of Radfield Home Care, liking their approach of treating theircarers as a trusted family, and empowering them to treat their clients with that same warmth and respect. She opened her branch of Radfield Homecare just 18 months ago, and is already serving 25 people across the community, and has rapid future growth plans for her business.

GetSet for Growth introduced Lisa to GrowSmart as a tool that would help her with her growth plans. She says that she is definitely benefitting from using the platform and would recommend it to any business owners who are looking for help in scaling their businesses.

GrowSmart is unique in that it is completely tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. It gets to the heart of what you really need to learn and then takes you right to the resources and articles that will help you do just that. I would definitely recommend GrowSmart to other business owners who want to grow their businesses.

She says that the beauty of GrowSmart is that it is set up to ask you questions about your business, and it is then able to diagnose what you need most support on. Everyone has their own strength and weaknesses and GrowSmart is able to tell you where you need to develop your knowledge, and even better, then points you to the resources and content which are relevant to you. The system pinpoints what you need to work on, so you don’t have to sort through all the information to find it yourself.

The business planner has been really useful to her in a number of ways. She likes that she can dip in and out of it and save the work as she goes. She wanted to work on their customer personas, and rather than start with a blank sheet of paper, she just went to this section on GrowSmart. GrowSmart tells you what information you need to think about and enter, and then it creates the personas for you.  

GrowSmart makes sure that you have checked all the bases before you decide on your growth strategy

Lisa told us that when you start a business, you keep so much information in your own head, and GrowSmart is a really easy way to get that information documented. It ensures you have got all the component parts written and stored in one place. 

She has used the business planner to help in developing various growth strategies. Using the planner made sure she thought about everything that was relevant, and has really helped to inform her thinking about how she can expand her existing business.  

She says that the articles in the resources sections are very good. It is very clear that people who have been through setting up and growing their own businesses have produced them.  They contain practical business advice, which has been drawn from their own experiences.

GrowSmart really helps in clarifying opportunities and what we need to do to achieve them.

Lisa says that in her experience, GrowSmart is very easy to use. She really likes that you can input information and then save it, and then return to it when you want to. It has provided her with great ideas about how she can grow and scale. There are other information sources out there that are theoretical, but GrowSmart offers much more. It is based on the good business theory, but it is also full of practical ideas and insights, so it helps you take an idea all the way through to its implementation.