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British Corner Shop loves GrowSmart

The British Corner Shop are passionate about promoting the heritage and quality of British brands, both large and small, and believe these brands should be available to anyone with a love for all things British, wherever they are in the world. 

Since starting in 1999, their e-commerce export operation now stocks over 13,000 popular products, has over 200,000 customers and exports to 196 countries across the globe. 

Having established themselves as leaders in their market, they are now focusing on evolving as a business to continue their growth. In particular, they have brought much of their marketing activity in-house and have been using GrowSmart to develop a strategy to increase brand awareness and customer retention through targeted campaigns and PR.

As a business director, I always try to seek external input and advice from experts, and bring those ideas back into the business. At British Corner Shop we’ve been working with the GrowSmart platform, and have identified several key opportunities for us to improve Marketing and Strategy.

Peter Howarth, Technical and Marketing Director

With the current political and economic climate, British Corner Shop has to plan and strategise across their business to ensure long-term growth. They have continued to increase their employee count to bring fresh perspectives and new skills in order to maintain their growth and market dominance as the platform for local independent goods to be exported worldwide.

GrowSmart is a fantastic online platform that offers SME’s a portal to educational resources – from business growth to marketing; this is an invaluable tool to guide you through your growth journey.

Alex Kortland,Communications Manager

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